Friday, October 15, 2010

Thanksgiving - thinking of my Mom

Yes, planning on that big Thanksgiving get together I told you about (50 guests!!) and thinking of all the things we need to do in preparation.  I know that I'll be making that Sweet Potato Souffle (my niece Samantha will make a batch of that also).   I just learned that her sister-in-law makes the best mashed potatoes, using sour cream.  I hope she brings that along with the green bean casserole she'll be bringing.  My sister-in-law Yvonne will be bring one of the stuffings; my brother will be making eggplant layered with portabella mushrooms, sauce and cheese (my daughter tried this and said it was delicious - Merideth, over at is a vegetarian so this will be a good dish for her, along with the cranberry stuffing I make). 
While sorting through some of my old recipes, I came across one that I had asked my mother to write down for me the first year I was married (1977).  Here it is typed for you, just as she had written it - her turkey stuffing.

7 - 9 stalks celery
10 - 15 onions, good size
salt and pepper

Cut in small pieces and cook until tender - an apple may be added; just core it.
Let cool.    Break up with hands - clean (I still laugh that she told me to use clean hands = ha ha ha)
Add 1 lb sausage meat and Bell Seasoning to taste. 
Add croutons until juice is almost taken up - not too dry or watery.

Stuff your bird and cook.  Any extra can be put into a prepared dish and baked.

I haven't made this since my husband passed away in 2001.  I think I'll make it for this special Thanksgiving.  Instead of or along with the croutons, I used various breads that I saved slices of and froze just for this occasion!    Yummy.   (more on this event at a later date)



  1. I love Thanksgiving Dinner way too much. Stuffing is my favorite part - that and sweet potatoes (no marshmallows or brown sugar, please).

    Sounds like an amazing Thanksgiving you're planning! That's a lot of people. What are you going to do with them all when dinner's over?

  2. Thanks for joining me at Create With Joy! I am following back and would LOVE that Pumpin Soufle recipe - hint hint! :-)

    Have a wonderful week and hope you'll stop by soon!


  3. Thanks for the visit...I'm now a follower!

    Have a GREAT day!