Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch????

     What a beautiful day it was yesterday; cool and breezy but the sun was shining brightly. I met my beautiful little granddaughter and her parents at Liberty Ridge (it's way more than a pumpkin patch!) and we had a great time. Adison watched a pig race, and she was picked to be the cheerleader for one of the races. Her pig was 'Betty Bacon' and she won! Adison received the cutest pig nose to wear and she had it on for quite a while. We had many laughs over that.
     Then off to see the bunny rabbits; so many of them came out of their little houses to visit with us. off to see the goats and the cows and the other animals next - we fed quite a few of them and then we went to wash up for lunch. After lunch we went down the hill to see the rest of the animals and Adison went on the swings, which looked like little horses! And then she played with a doll house and some other things along the way.
      At last, the pumpkins!  We walked around and through the pumpkins for a bit and Adison finally picked out the one she wanted and brought it home.  All-in-all, it was a GREAT day.


  1. We went to a local farm for their pumpkin fest too. I guess it's that time. Sounds like you had a nice time

  2. That's so awesome you get to spend time together! Sweet.

  3. Sounds like a great time together. don't kids just love pumpkins! We just drove past a huge pumpkin patch this morning. They've got a corn maze and tall pumpkin tower and a trebuchet for launching pumpkins into space. (okay, maybe not into space.) :-)