Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hey Baby It's Cold Outside . . .

A little nippy out there this morning and getting a little nippy in here - woke up to a chilly room and thought "Oh, no!"  Out of fuel but they're going to be bringing it sometime today.  I hate mornings like this but I am enjoying my coffee, especially with a picture of Adison, my granddaughter, staring at me from the mug. 
Adison is really looking forward to Christmas this year.  She talks about seeing Santa, about the dolls and books she wants Santa to bring her, and about Baby Jesus in the manger.  I have a manger set here that one of my kids received piece by piece through their Sunday School years.  Adison puts it together and takes it apart over and over again when she is here.  She knows the wise men and the shepherds and, of course, the animals.  She doesn't always remember Mary and Joseph but we're working on that.  Adison will be three the 21st of January so I think she does alright remembering most of them.  She has a set at her house too but they don't have all of their Christmas things out yet.
Each year at our church we have a 'Christmas Tea' - dainty little sandwiches and yummy desserts served with coffee or tea (December 19).  I'm bring Adison this year and she will think she's at a big tea party, I am sure.  Her Mom and Dad both have to work that day so Adison and Grandma will have a big day together.  Well, that's all the rambling for now. Have a great day everyone.  


  1. Have a wonderful time with Adison. I just LOVE that age! They're so sweet and fun. :-)

    And yes, I think you should have a breakfast party with my husband's Full American Breakfast. LOL

  2. Your scrapbook of three generations really is a great idea, with stories to accompany the photos. Mmmm. Maybe I should do that too!