Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Making Special Friends

My granddaughter, who will be three in January, has such a wonderful imagination.  I just love listening to her when she's playing with her dolls or her Yo Gabba Gabba friends.  I remember that when I was a little girl I had a very special doll - like no one else had.  So, I thought I'd see to it that Adison had one also.  So..............

Everybody needs a friend and a little stuffed bear or doll often becomes that friend for young children.  Follow the steps listed to make a beanbag doll or bear.  Your grandchildren will enjoy watching and waiting while their little friend comes to life.  All it takes is a snip here and there and a few stitches.

Beanbag Doll or Bear
Scrap of felt or other fabric (size depends on how big you want to make it)
Needle, thread, buttons, yarn, dried beans (or stuffing material)

Fold your sheet of fabric in half and pin to hold; draw a teddy bear or gingerbread figure outline on the fabric and cut it out. 
Sew two large buttons for eyes and a smaller one for the nose to the face on the front of one of your pieces of fabric (or use heavy thread or yarn and sew circles or designs for the eyes and nose).  Stitch on a small piece of yarn for the mouth.    A heart shaped mouth is cute for the little doll and a zig-zag for the bear.  If you are not going to add clothing, sew two or three buttons on the chest (or stitch them). 
Now let your grandchild name the doll or bear (you can embroider the name [or your grandchild's name]) to the back.
Place the two pieces of fabric together, front sides facing each other and sew the edges together, leaving a large enough opening for the beans or cloth stuffing.  If sewing by hand, be sure to keep the stitches close together so that the beans can't slip out.  If you're making a girl doll with yarn hair, fold long pieces of yarn in half and place them between the two fabric pieces at the top of the head.  Leave about 1/2 inch of yarn sticking out and sew the edges of fabric tightly together.
Turn the doll or bear right side out and stuff a generous amount of beans or stuffing into it and sew the opening closed.
For a bear you could make a little vest if you wish.  For a doll, trim the pieces of yarn shorter for bangs and make her a little dress, apron or skirt.
Enjoy watching your grandchild having fun with
his/her new doll or bear!  I just love
some of the old-fashioned things
you can make or do!


  1. what a darling idea. i bet your grandchild loves
    watching your creation come to life!


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