Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Good Weekend . . . . .

    My nephew Bobby and his boys are in town for the weekend visiting from Pennsylvania.  So, I made those mini cheesecakes I talked about in another post.  (8 dozen, in fact).  This time I used peach pie filling topping for some of them and they were DELICIOUS.  Everybody really loved the peaches.  The cherry ones were also good; it was a great mix.  
    A brisk morning today and I am loving the cooler weather.  It was just 65 degrees when I went by the bank after church this morning.  LOVIN' it.  I just love the fall - cooler weather, apple picking, getting ready for the holidays.  
   Having lots of fun with my granddaughter - she just never stops talking!  We went to see YOGABBAGABBA this past Thursday at the Times Union Center in Albany.  We all had so much fun because of the good time she was having, dancing and singing with the characters.  She knows all of the songs they do (she does have quite a few DVDs of YoGabbaGabba so it's not surprising that she knows them).
   Well, enough rambling for now.  I need to get some more of my favorite holiday recipes out to get ready to post in the upcoming weeks.  Have a great day!

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